Tuesday, December 1, 2009

true friends

whoa . i cant believe it . friends who talk behind my bck ? fake wit me ? 'trip' gud to me ? wat am i to u guyz ? a friend 4 u when u need help ony ? after i help then u guyz juz throw me at a side?! even my own mum says dat . a true friend should accept wat the other friend gt in themself . u guyz nvr accept wat in me . if u guyz say yes . i ask u . when u guyz suddenly dnt lyk me , u guyz wil nt talk , play & joke wit me . HEY . im nt stupid , blind & fool . a friend who nvr support & owez b wit me no matter wat . is dat a true friend ? i nvr talk behind ur bck . u guyz nvr appreciate me as ur friend .

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